Welcome Referees!

BASL Assignor phone line: 904-701-4489

BASL supports the use of certified State or National referees via the Florida State Referee Association and their certification process.

If you would like to be a referee state level referee in Florida here is the website:


One of the requirements Florida State Referees follow is background checks and concussion training certification on an annual basis.  Currently, this is done via the Official Management System.  Background checks and Safe Sport education training are to be done every year and automatically expire on July 31st of every year.


After you have identified yourself to the league and our assignors, you will need to fill out and submit a W9 form for our accounting, unless you are donating your referee services to us.  BASL follows best practice accounting procedures for referee payments.  A new referee to our leagues will be required to properly fill out a W9...including signature and have it submitted to your assignor for our accounting dept.  No referee fees will be paid until a W9 has been received.  The form can be found for download on the right of the screen.

BASL uses certified assignors: Perry Kale and Daniel Pillipow.

All our assignors above are Certified within the U.S. Soccer Federation and can be contacted via email

baslassignor@gmail.com (used for Florida game assignment communication)


Now that the above main initial steps have been done, BASL makes game assignments using their integrated league Referee Assigning system.  This is typically a two-step process.

1. Our assignors work off a master schedule and do up a rough draft of assignments for the matches on the schedule.  Typically the referees will be notified via Text Message to confirm that they can do the games.  Our assignors expect a response within 30 minutes.  If the referee confirms their availability via text message, then they will be listed on the pre-Game report.  

2. As soon as the referee is listed, an automated email is sent to the referee of their specific game assignment.  The referee confirms their assignment by logging into our system using the BASL Referee Login.  Please note that if a referee declines the assignment at this stage we will be calling you up to document the reasoning of the "turn-back".

The emails the system will send you will contain the instruction on how to log in, but below is the link in case you need it:


We are looking for new referees as our soccer association continues to grow!  Below is who and where you can find more info on becoming a certified referee.  Follow the Florida Soccer Referee's website below:



Area Referee Administrator

North East Florida

ARA – Edward Guertin-temporarily on leave of absence-direct all questions to Dave Rietzler

Area Referee Administrato
South East Florida

ARA A – Daniel Va
(954) 470-3413‬

AARA B NORTH – David Rietzler
(904) 273-7853

AARA B SOUTH – Scott Hutchison
(352) 286-4980


AARA A NORTH – Harry Ziskroit
(561) 716-9318

AARA A South – Andres Vidales
(786) 344-9764





If you are a referee new to the area please let us know.  We currently schedule games in Nassau, Duval, Clay, St Johns, Flagler, and Martin, Palm Beach County counties.

We welcome feedback on what you would like to see on this page.  We also welcome suggestions for improvements etc in our league.

Please send all email to baslassignor@gmail.com

Thanks for being part of our league!


 You can take a look at all schedules, Standing and team pages on the links on the right side of the page.

Please remember that we have overlapping seasons.  That means while one division is playing in the fall division another one may be in the winter division etc.

BASL Game Check In Process

FM’s are in attendance when refs check-in each team.  Center calls the name while an AR checks the picture (Currently 11 v 11 only)

Players must have date of birth and a proper face portrait within the team's on-line player gallery. BASL Sticks by the concept of "NO PASS NO PLAY" by providing the gallery either in printed form or on-line for reference. (11 v 11 only)
If a name is not on the roster then this is an issue the field marshal handles and investigates as to why there is no name on the rosters. The FM only has the authority to approve the player to play.
Referees are in charge on the field. Referees may not CANCEL any game due to weather.
Field Marshals are in charge of off-field issues and rosters etc.
The standard procedure for check in is to have teams line up on the side line. One ref calls out names and matches player numbers on roster, one ref checks the player galleries, one ref checks for shin guards, jewelry, metal sharp studs, etc.

Referee Notes

If ID numbers on Rosters are not appearing for a particular player, allow the player to play and bring it up as an issue for the Field Marshal to resolve with our software systems support.

Please note no passes are needed for 7 v 7

In BASL’s small-sided divisions that play a regular schedule organized by the league then they have the same rights and privileges as any other team regardless of size.  You should be using only a single referee for these games and the referees should wear their badges and all usual insurances apply.  This includes outdoor 7v7 and indoor 6v6. This is per our US Soccer Federation Association.

For 11 v 11 Games are NOT to be shortened for any reason unless the game starts later than 15 minutes.  (if a game starts 25 minutes late then halves can be shortened by 5 minutes each ONLY after approval has come from the Operations Manager or a BASL Board Member). Failure to follow this procedure exactly will result in no pay for any game that was shortened without approval.

 Referee FYI’s

  • Arrive 30 minutes before the start of the game. This is to ensure that games are started at the scheduled time.
  • First-time referees must provide the field marshal with their mailing address and send a W9 to the league.
  • Please remind the teams to move the goals after the last games. The field marshal will also ask. Only applies to fields where goals do not  remain in place
  • The field marshal is BASL’s Representative. Work together with them to accomplish tasks.
  • When confronted with a disappointed player, issue any appropriate cards and go on about your business. Avoid confrontations because they only cause chaos and more paperwork. The league will review information received by the field marshal to decide whether further disciplinary actions should apply.
  • We need to cut back on foul language. Please caution players using foul language and warn them that it will not be tolerated.
  • Fill out the game report given to you by the field marshal. If there is no field marshal on site then you must draft one on your own. Report the field marshal absence along with the results of the games to info@basl.com


When filling out Game Reports

Player In/Outs need to be clearly marked.

A Referee should never Write-In a player onto a roster.  Any Write-Ins are to be done by the Field Marshal only.  They are the only ones who can check with the Registrar and on-line to confirm the story of the player payment.


All players need to have a number associated with their name.

All writing should be legible. This information must be logged on to the website afterward. Make it understandable or it makes for a long night of trying to understand it.

When writing cards players' names, numbers, teams, and types of misconduct must be listed. For more serious situations, ask the field marshal for a paper to write any additional statements.

Please include your phone number on the game report. If we cannot understand what you write, we want to be able to call you to find out. If you don’t want us to call you, then please try fully filling out your report in a legible manner. This information is to help our league run more efficiently.

It is the field marshal's job to relay the information provided on the game reports to the league. It becomes a very complex task when the game reports are not filled out completely and legibly.


Referee Pay Policy

2021 Rate Policy:
BASL uses an automated check run process utilizing "Digital Check" processing.  This is different, by being flexible in many aspects.  The first thing is that your correct Email Address is important for us to have in our accounting file, if you want to get paid without issue.
1. BASL will continue to do check runs every week typically on Mondays.  This will include the week's games 2 weeks prior (not the single week prior!).  We maintain 1 week buffer between each check run as we adjust and confirm the weeks on-line Field Marshal reports.
2. The referee "check stub" gets emailed out to the referees who are part of the check-run from our Vendor/Accounts Payable staff (usually Irene)
3. Digital checks are created in our accounting system and integrated to our processor Checkbook.io  The referee receives an email containing the Digital Check from "BASL Soccer" "support@checkbook.io" with complete instructions on how to automatically deposit it to your Bank, or to print out.
Make SURE @checkbook.io emails are finding its way to your APPROVED email box and not sitting in your SPAM box.  
If you choose to link the deposit directly to your Bank, subsequent payments from BASL will automatically transact and process deposits directly to your bank without further intervention.  Please note choosing the printout option of the Digital Check contains everything required to do mobile banking of both front and back of the BASL check.  If you choose to print and take the printed check to a bank Teller, they may be new to Digital Checks, so let support@checkbook.io know if you received difficulty.
The next improvement we will be working on is the ability to have the Game record Check-stub detail automatically part of the digital check detail, rather than through a separate email from Irene.   We'll get there.
Here are 2 typical questions we receive:

Do recipients need to sign up to deposit a Digital Check?  No, recipients don't need to sign up for a Checkbook account to receive a Digital Check. First-time recipients have to verify their bank to deposit the Digital Check; all future transfers will be deposited automatically.


How Do I Verify My Bank?  There are two ways you can verify your bank to set up an account. You need to verify your bank to send, receive or request money:

Instant Verification:

You can verify your bank instantly if you have an account with one of the partnered banks. You will be able to see a list of these banks through a drop down menu. Select your bank, enter your online banking Username and Password, our system will verify your bank instantly and securely. Once your bank has been verified, you are all set to send and receive checks!

Manual Verification Using Micro-Deposits:

If you are not comfortable entering your online banking Username and Password, or if your bank is not listed as one of our partners - select "My bank is not on this list" from the drop-down menu. 

After manually entering the account and routing number, Checkbook will send you an email about manual verification and deposit 3 transactions into your bank in 1 business day. These amounts are all under $1 consisting of 2 debits and 1 credit. Simply take note of these amounts and enter them in the email. Your verification will be complete. 

How long does it take to receive funds? Standard processing takes 3-4 business days after the receiver has verified their bank. 

Additional Frequently Asked Questions concerning Checkbook.io can be found here: How-can-i-deposit-my-digital-check

- All new referees are expected to provide filled W9 form for our records.  Those referees who are already in the system will be contacted to fill a W9 form if we do not already have one on file.  See link to the right to download the form for yourself. 
- New referees will not be paid until we have received a filled W9 form.
- BASL pays the referees for their services by mailed check typically once per week.  Currently the  Referee check runs are typically done on Mondays or Tuesdays for the prior week’s reported games.
- 11v11 90 minute games Center Referee $65, Assistant Referee $35
- 11v11 60 minute games - Dual - 2 Referees $50 each 
- 7v7 games Single Referee $31
- 6v6 games Single Referee $25
- 5v5 games Single Referee $25
-Youth Indoor league Single Referee $20
- sub-contracted referees are under a "1099" status (meaning we require your Taxing ID or Social Security for our accounting files)
- all referees used for our games are assigned via Florida State Referee Association certified referee "assignors" 
Expect Payment within 14 days.
- any payment issues you can fillout the following form and action will be taken: https://baslopensoccer.wufoo.com/forms/k7s6k7/
Adjusted Payment Policy:
- cancelled game before ref left has left house: no pay (contact assignor as potential reschedule situation)
- cancelled game after ref. has left their house for the game $12 per ref. for the first games (not subsequent 2nd and 3rd sets)
- if ref. shows at game and game series are cancelled due to weather (or out of our control like electrical issues with lights) $12 per ref. (not subsequent 2nd and 3rd sets)
- if game starts and is not finished because of weather - full pay
- NOTE: if referee cancels game due to weather - no pay - Only BASL Operations Manager or Board Member may cancel a game
for subsequent (2nd or 3rd) games:
- if game is cancelled by game time - no pay (reschedule situation, ensure Assignor gets you makeup games)
- if referees wait for  weather to clear but it does not - (reschedule situation, ensure Referee Assignor assigns you to makeup games)
- if the game starts and then cannot be finished after first half (no reschedule) - full pay
cancellations due to team forfeits at the field:
- full pay, eg. not enough players on one side.