BASL Game Check In Process

FM’s are in attendance when refs check-in each team.  Center calls the name while an AR checks the picture (Currently 11 v 11 only)

Players must have date of birth and a proper face portrait within the team's on-line player gallery. BASL Sticks by the concept of "NO PASS NO PLAY" by providing the gallery either in printed form or on-line for reference. (11 v 11 only)
If a name is not on the roster then this is an issue the field marshal handles and investigates as to why there is no name on the rosters. The FM only has the authority to approve the player to play.
Referees are in charge on the field. Referees may not CANCEL any game due to weather.
Field Marshals are in charge of off-field issues and rosters etc.
The standard procedure for check in is to have teams line up on the side line. One ref calls out names and matches player numbers on roster, one ref checks the player galleries, one ref checks for shin guards, jewelry, metal sharp studs, etc.