Captains Department

Team Registration Process & Captain Plays Free Policy


Your team has been registered. Please allow up to 72 hours for your team page to be set up. Email BASL if you are not able to access your team page after 72 hours. Make sure to include your...

Forfeit Policy and Procedures

Captains must submit a forfeit notification at least 24 hours in advance of the posted game time so that BASL can notify all parties involved.


- Captains must submit a forfeit notification at...

Game Reschedule Request

Captains Only

Game Reschedule Policy:

  • Game Reschedule form must be filled out at least 7 days in advance. Reschedule Request Form
  • Reschedule Fee of $103.20 must be made when submitting the request.
  • Only...

Game Scheduling Preferences


Game Scheduling Prefence Requests

Reminder "requests" are just that.  What you get scheduled depends on fields and times available and are also affected by other captains submitted requests.

If you have a special request please get it in as soon as possible.  If you are requesting to have a bye week, we won't be able to accommodate that unless the schedule allows for a bye week.

Requests can only be made before the schedule is made.  Games cannot be rescheduled.

11v11 games are not adjusted to be scheduled around 7v7 game time-slots and visa versa.   

11v11 Check-in Procedures

 11v11  Check-in Procedures  please review.....

Captians, ensure each of your players bring proper identification to every one of your games!

Referees will be using the game day roster provided along...

Awards Policy

 Click continue for awards policy

Awards Policy (Subject to available budget) 


8 Teams or more 

Division Winners (Based upon Regular Season standings) - Trophy and Cash Award (2 registrations)



Captains - There is a service charge to do this, but we have a procedure in place to allow a captain of a team to "Strike/Protest" one referee.  If you do, then will try our best, for that official to...

Red Card Reports need to be submitted

If a player on your team recieves a red card, you are required to submit a report to the league so they can conduct a proper investigation. Link is on the left "Submit Red Card Report" Thanks for your help in seeing that the proper sanctions are issued to the correct people. 


Procedure For Obtaining A First Time Or Lost PIN

  You need to have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to log on as a Team Administrator.  To obtain your team’s PIN:

 You need to have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to log on as a Team...

Updating Goals and Assists

Captains/Team Admin in charge now!

Captains to enter your goals and assists for the game.  Log in to your team page.  Click on the game after the score has been entered.  Click edit match report and enter in the needed information.