11v11 Check-in Procedures

 11v11  Check-in Procedures  please review.....

Captians, ensure each of your players bring proper identification to every one of your games!

Referees will be using the game day roster provided along with player ID galleries as those players authorized to play!  Specifically with 11v11 sanctioned games, if the player is not on our Team Gallery with a picture, DOB and State ID number, they will not be allowed to play even if they have a drivers license.

Ideally, BASL wants to see each team’s players all lined up individually with their identification to show the referee at formal checkin.   The BASL team gallery passes will be used by Referees and Field Marshals as the state requirement as always. The player’s drivers license will be the main form of acceptable ID if there is any question with team gallery supplied Picture, name, and Date Of Birth posted into the system.

Referees will work as a team to check each player individually for shin guards, and pictures and DOB.  Field Marshal will cross reference picture likeness on uploaded player file and date of birth.  Once the individual player has checked in, then they can be allowed to enter into the field of play.

Over 30’s cutoff is Dec31st of each year!  If the BASL player ID shows a different age, the players’s Florida Drivers License age trumps what BASL’s State ID says, field marshal will mark down the change so that the State ID system will be updated for the future.  Anything earlier/younger will cause automatic forfeit!  Captains be aware of who your players are and their ages before you allow them onto your team’s play of game, you are ultimately held responsible!

If there is mismatch on likeness of State ID picture but name and DOB are matching to the Drivers License, then player will need to upload a more recent photo.

If there are obvious mismatch between the player name with the player on the Game sheet, the team roster pictue gallery, and the player supplied photo id, they will not be allowed to play.

If there is mismatch on DOB but player name and photo are a match, then field marshal will take down the drivers license DOB and ensure the BASL player record is updated.

If players show up after the formal checkin, they are not allowed to step onto the field of play until they have checked in formally with the linesman or Field Marshal!  Players, just because you show up late, and have a jersey does not mean you are allowed to play.  Be warned as more than likely you will receive a card!  If your id is not matched on the game report it will be even worse for your team as a forfeit will happen along with additional game point deductions.

Paying at the field is not allowed. Pay at Register at least 72 hours before the game.  If you do not show up on the roster you must notify us 72 hours in advance.

Players must have a picture on the team gallery.  If you DO NOT HAVE A PICTURE on the TEAM GALLERY, then you CANNOT PLAY no matter what.  

If you need to adjust a photo we can recommend using the following photo cropping and sizing tool linked below: