Jaguar Soccer Club - Duval County

Central - Tinseltown Location, Jacksonville

  • March 7th Opening Day!!
  • Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays;
  • U4-U12 6pm
  • All held at Brackridge Park

The Jacksonville Jaguar Soccer Club is a 501c3 charitable organization formed to promote the play of soccer from youth to adults.  The club is currently working to fund a complete resurfacing of the fields in addition to the on-going maintenance demands of our local public soccer parks (Click Here For Our Tax Exempt Certificate DR-14 Form)

The Jacksonville Jaguar Soccer Club was founded in 1979.  The club was formed to select 18 youth soccer players to participate in a two-week summer playing tour of Holland and England.  The team was a collection of 9, 10, and 11-year-olds representing Arlington, the Beaches, Southside, and Orange Park.  A generous donation by Jacksonville-based British Leyland Corporation - thus the name Jaguars (not copied from the football team) - purchased the first set of uniforms.


The one-team (U12) Club began its inaugural season in the New North Florida Youth Soccer League in the fall of 1979. The club immediately determined its niche at the top of the competitive ladder by losing only two regular-season matches and finishing second in a season-ending, citywide tournament. Since that time, the club has grown to as many as 12 age-group teams serving families from the entire Jacksonville community.

Our philosophies and ideals are based on the best interest of its players. Personal development is equally important as player development. We believe in coaching not just the player, but also the person. This serves to promote individual and team character, discipline, and commitment. Our emphasis is on development and allowing players to enjoy their experience as Jaguar soccer players. While winning is important, consistent performance is of greater significance. We pride ourselves on providing a well-organized club that caters to the needs of both parents and players alike. We are a family club and we hope that you will enjoy and embrace our philosophies in providing what is best for our players and your children.

Our principal aims are:

  • To maximize the outstanding potential of individual players by demanding the highest possible standards in personal, social, and athletic activities

  • To provide a club atmosphere that creates a sense of family, community, and loyalty and promotes a passion for the game of soccer

  • To develop players as responsible young men/ women with an awareness of their responsibilities to each other, their families, and the wider community in which they live

  • To develop in young players the highest standards of conduct and self-discipline based on a philosophy of treating players, parents, other coaches, league officials, and the game itself, with dignity and respect in accordance with the Club Code of Conduct


To achieve these aims the club will provide:

  • Professional training conducted by an experienced staff that will address all areas of the individual, team, and personal development

  • A unique long term approach to player development through a controlled systematic, training curriculum

  • A playing and training environment that is fun, yet challenging, in which players are allowed to develop and reach their full potential

Our philosophies are based on the belief that the best way to learn the game of soccer is to have fun while playing and training. At Jaguar Soccer Club we view performance, commitment, and player development as the driving force to creating successful soccer players and teams.

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