Game Rules

  • On game days, our coaches are our referees. Because our Soccer programw are community recreational level of play and the players are still at an early developmental stage, slight variations of these rules can be adjusted as needed by the coaches on game day, as long as they are agreed upon by both sides. 

  • ​When ball goes out of play, throw ins.
  • Corner kicks allowed, taken from 3’ arc as per FIFA (This is a direct kick that can be scored on)

  • No off sides.

  • No slide tackles (exception: Goalkeeper inside his/her box is allowed to slide tackle).  Sliding to save a goal/out of bound etc is allowed as long as no contact or near contact with another player. *Safety First* Slide tackles always result in a DIRECT free kick.

  • Substitute at any time "on fly", Subs must enter the field at mid field, on the same side as the coach. 

  • Players must wear their designated uniform, according to their game schedule.  

  • Keeper needs to have different color jersey/pinnie than the rest of the players.

  • Goal kicks are taken from GOAL LINE inside penalty area.

  • Opposing players must be 8 yards from the ball on free kicks.

  • Kicks are indirect, unless otherwise called by the referee. 

  • Goal keepers may not punt nor drop kick the ball. They are, however, allowed to drop it to the ground to kick away.  If punted, opposing team gets indirect kick from half line.

  • Penalty kicks are taken 8 yards from the goal line at the center of the goal.

  • All other rules apply per FIFA standards and to the discretion of BASL Soccer. 

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