Winter Playoffs

For info on playoffs

Playoff Schedule has been posted for Open, Over 30 and COED!!!!

Official schedule will be posted on your team page.  If there are any conflicts your team page schedule is correct!  Please NOTE this was mostly to show seedings some things needed to change based on field conflicts etc.


Flight A 1-7 plus Flight B winner in 8 team playoff

Flight B Second Place - 9th Place  in 8 team playoff

Flight B 10th -13th place  (consolation game) See below

2/8/09 COED B Cons COED B Cons 11:00 AM Chuck Rogers Park Field 3
2/8/09 COED B Cons COED B Cons 12:15 PM Chuck Rogers Park Field 1

Flight C (St Augustine) in a 7 team playoff (There will be a winners and losers bracket for flight C)




Flight A 8 team playoff 9th seed moves to Flight B playoff

Flight B is a 7 team playoff with the 9th seed from Flight A. Teams will be seeded based on record.

Flight C (St Augustine) is a 3 team playoff


Over 30

Flight A 8 team playoff,

9th seed will get a consolation game as below.

Over 30 A TBD 10:30 AM Aberdeen Park Field 2

Flight B Top 8 Make the playoffs

Flight B  9 vs 10 consolation game (Sunday Feb 8th, 2009)

Flight C St Augusitine Top 2 teams make the playoffs.

Thurs Feb 5th Finals - St Augustine Lions vs Donovan’s

Over 40

9 game Regular Season Top 8 teams make the playoffs with the other 3 teams getting a consolation game.