Website Updates

 BASL Website is being revamped.  Our goal is try to make it easier to find the information you need to.  In addition, the changes being made will make it easier for us to update the website and get you the information you need.

Changes that have occured or will soon:

  • Payments - All Payment Methods Available on one page with Instructions
  • All the NE Florida Adult Soccer Divisions are listed under one link
  • Every Division Page will be standarized so information can be easily found.
  • Added a FAQ page to the home page
  • Added links to click on team pages, schedules and standing for all divisons (In future will likely be broken down into divisions)
  • Added a Playoff Page - This one page will explain how and when playoffs will be run in each division. It will also list how many regular season games each team will have.|
  • Email us at with feedback and suggestions.