Spring Registration

Start Getting Your Teams Together!

BASL will be putting together the following divisions:

The divisions with links are open for TEAM registration.  Please click on the link.   

Early Registration is until Feb 1st ($90) for 11 v 11

Normal Registration Feb1st-Feb 15th ($95)

Late Registration Feb 16th ($105)

For 7 v7 Fees paid at the field will be an extra $10 so please pay online.  11 v 11 cannot be paid for on game days at the field.

Captains play free if they have 10 players signed up and PAID by February 1st. (7v7 requires only 6 players signed up and paid for captains to play free) Once you have your proper amount of players registered please email baslopensoccer@gmail.com to inform us and you will be added free of charge.

For more information about why BASL click continue.

Why BASL? simple, we offer the best value for your registration money.  We have been around for the past 20 years and have a mindset wanting to continuously improve ourselves.

BASL is the most progressive Adult Soccer League in Florida, and here are just a few feathers in our cap to back this statement up:

  • we are the only league in Florida offering continuous 4 seasons of league organized soccer.
  • our team captains have a real voice as to how their divisions are run prior to the season start.
  • we offer more divisions of both competitive and recreational team play than any other league in the state.
  • we schedule games within our divisions using the home field advantage concept
  • BASL teams continue to evolve, blessed with fresh skilled players and innovative teams continuing to join season after season.
  • we now schedule games across 4 counties....and are capable of growing further (Duval, St. Johns, Clay, and Flagler) 
  • our league is able to boast steady membership growth for over 20 years.  In fact our largest growth was this past year.
  • we utilize the best available referees and foster a program for continuous referee improvement by employing a league referee trainer.
  • we utilize professional sports administrators who share our dedication to the sport of soccer
  • we only partner with associations and technical business partners who too are dedicated at growing soccer and state it within their mission statements
  • our Board Of Directors are award winning business executives and past innovators of both Adult and Youth programs.
  • we have a Board Of Directors and support administration that is capable of getting things done fast and efficiently.  For example we utilize automation for team score updates by phone from field officials for all to see with ranking updates even before game reports have been filed manually.
  • we care about our members by also carrying insurance for the league, teams and players.

All of the steps taken above have prepared BASL to be able to take on even further planned growth because our infrastructure capabilities are there....and continue to be in place.

On behalf of our management, welcome to the best run Adult Soccer League in Florida.