Referee Notes

If ID numbers on Rosters are not appearing for a particular player, allow the player to play and bring it up as an issue for the Field Marshal to resolve with our software systems support.

Please note no passes are needed for 7 v 7

In BASL’s small-sided divisions that play a regular schedule organized by the league then they have the same rights and privileges as any other team regardless of size.  You should be using only a single referee for these games and the referees should wear their badges and all usual insurances apply.  This includes outdoor 7v7 and indoor 6v6. This is per our US Soccer Federation Association.

For 11 v 11 Games are NOT to be shortened for any reason unless the game starts later than 15 minutes.  (if a game starts 25 minutes late then halves can be shortened by 5 minutes each ONLY after approval has come from the Operations Manager or a BASL Board Member). Failure to follow this procedure exactly will result in no pay for any game that was shortened without approval.

 Referee FYI’s

  • Arrive 30 minutes before the start of the game. This is to ensure that games are started at the scheduled time.
  • First-time referees must provide the field marshal with their mailing address and send a W9 to the league.
  • Please remind the teams to move the goals after the last games. The field marshal will also ask. Only applies to fields where goals do not  remain in place
  • The field marshal is BASL’s Representative. Work together with them to accomplish tasks.
  • When confronted with a disappointed player, issue any appropriate cards and go on about your business. Avoid confrontations because they only cause chaos and more paperwork. The league will review information received by the field marshal to decide whether further disciplinary actions should apply.
  • We need to cut back on foul language. Please caution players using foul language and warn them that it will not be tolerated.
  • Fill out the game report given to you by the field marshal. If there is no field marshal on site then you must draft one on your own. Report the field marshal absence along with the results of the games to


When filling out Game Reports

Player In/Outs need to be clearly marked.

A Referee should never Write-In a player onto a roster.  Any Write-Ins are to be done by the Field Marshal only.  They are the only ones who can check with the Registrar and on-line to confirm the story of the player payment.


All players need to have a number associated with their name.

All writing should be legible. This information must be logged on to the website afterward. Make it understandable or it makes for a long night of trying to understand it.

When writing cards players' names, numbers, teams, and types of misconduct must be listed. For more serious situations, ask the field marshal for a paper to write any additional statements.

Please include your phone number on the game report. If we cannot understand what you write, we want to be able to call you to find out. If you don’t want us to call you, then please try fully filling out your report in a legible manner. This information is to help our league run more efficiently.

It is the field marshal's job to relay the information provided on the game reports to the league. It becomes a very complex task when the game reports are not filled out completely and legibly.