BASL Team Standing Calculations - 8-27-2016

  • Points Calculation
    • 3 points for a win 1 point for a tie (no overtime during regular season game-play)
    • BASL will deduct team points. eg. forfeits without notice, and teams fielding players not authorized to play. 
  • Tie Breakers
    • Most Head to Head Points (Please note that Head-to-Head is always ignored if the tied teams have unequal count
      of games among opponents tied in points.)
    • Goal Differential (Maximum 3 points per game, thus no need to run up the score).
    • Lowest Number of Disciplinary Team Points (Red Card Or Two Yellows in one game=3 points, Yellow Card = 1point)
    • Lowest number of red cards (expulsions)
    • Most Shutout Wins
    • Most Shutouts (including Draws)
    • Fewest Goals Allowed
    • Fewest Losses
    • If still tied teams split the prize and a coin flip is used for playoff seeding.
  • Playoff Game Tie Breakers( 7 v 7 Games)
    • One 10 minute sudden death overtime.(Golden Goal) Someone scores, game over if not: 
    • Penalty Kick Shootout 3 player each team (players must be on the field to be eligible no subs) 
    • Sudden Death Penalty Kicks. If sudden death, go thru remaining players on field. 
  • Playoff Game Tie Breakers (11 v 11 games)
    • Two 10 minute sudden death overtime (Golden Goal)
    • Penalty Kick Shootout 5 player each team (players must be on the field to
      be eligible no subs)
    • Sudden Death Penalty Kicks.

   *Playoff Game Tie Breakers (5v5 games)

                *One 5 minute golden goal overtime
                *If still tied then 3 PK’s taken from the top of the goal box. (players must be on the field 
                   to be eligible no subs)
                *If still tied then sudden death PK’s

For all divisions.  If a game ends up as tie (at least half the game played) in playoffs when there is rain or lights go out etc.  Then the game will be resumed with Penalty Kicks before the next scheduled game.

Head to Head points - Further explanation.

If two or more teams are tied,  points earned in head-to-head matches to determine the winner. For example, if teams A, B and C were all tied  the team with the most points in the head-to-head games would advance. For example, if team A beat time B and tied team C, it would have four points in head-to-head games; team B lost to team A and beat team C, it would have three points in head-to-head games; and team C lost to team B and tied team A, it would have one point, meaning team A would advance.

If three or more teams are tied - Once it is decided what team is the higher seed then the tie-breakers start again.

Here is the tie breakers in our system: Thus unless it can be proven that something is wrong, we will go with the way the computer automatically calculates it per below. TB=3


1 Most Head-to-Head Points
2 Most Goal-Differential - limit max per game (TB)
3 Fewest Disciplinary Points
4 Fewest Expulsions
5 Most Shutout Wins
6 Most Shutouts (including shutout draws)
7 Fewest Goals Allowed
8 Fewest Losses