BASL Outdoors 7v7 Rules - 12-19-2019

To be combined with the BASL General Rules

For 7v7 Rules (fields WITHOUT boards) click here.

7 v 7 Rules

  • Kick ins, no throw ins.  Kick In’s are indirect.
  • typical small-sided Field size 65 x 40 - 50 yards, penalty area is 12 yards (Or whatever gets laid out.)
  • Goals are 6.5 x 12 or 18’, both are used as available (or whatever we get our hands on)
  • Corner kicks allowed, taken from 3’ arc as per FIFA (This is a direct kick that can be scored on)
  • No off sides
  • No Slide Tackles.  If a "Slide Tackle" is made, the restart is a DIRECT Free Kick (penalty awarded if inside the box).  (Issuing a card is at the discretion of the Referee).  
    • Sliding to save a goal/out of bounds etc. is allowed as long as no contact or near contact with another player.
    • (exception: Goalkeeper's inside their penalty area are allowed to slide tackle) 
  • Substitute at any time "on fly", Subs must enter the field at mid field
  •  Players must have matching colored shirts with permanent numbers (matching shorts and socks are encouraged)
  • 7 a side is 6 field players and 1 keeper; 6 a side is 5 field players and 1 keeper
  • 25 minute halves with 5 minute half time, time is made up from shaving half time (Games are NOT to be shorted unless approved by FM)
  • Rosters are used to identify players, no player passes are required. Photo ID Upon Request must be made available.
  • Goal kicks are taken from GOAL LINE inside penalty area
  • Opposing players must be 8 yards from the ball on free kicks
  • Kicks are direct or indirect per FIFA 11 v 11 rules
  • Goal keepers may not punt nor drop kick the ball but may set it on the ground to kick away.  If punted, opposing team gets indirect kick from half line.
  • PKs are taken 8 yards from the goal line at the center of the goal
  • All yellow and red cards per FIFA
  • A minimum of 4 players are required to start or continue a game
  • Teams without 4 players by 15 minutes past scheduled kickoff forfeit the game
  • Some fields have large netting covering high above the field of play - if the ball touches the ceiling netting, then an indirect kick is awarded to the opposing team at the point of ceiling net contact
  • All other rules per FIFA 11 v 11
  • BASL general rules apply also.


  •  Goals scored by Women count as 2 goals.  Own Goals count as 1.  Deflection still counts as 2 if shot by women.  (It is up to the Referee to decide if a deflection or own goal.)
  • Coed teams must have 2 or 3 (Depending on the Divsion) women on the field at all times (keeper is included) if short than team plays short players. (i.e. if  you have one women, you would play 4 guys, 1 women.The other team does not need to play short players if they are legal. If a player is given a red card, either sex may sit out.
  • All PK’s regardless of male or female taking them are worth only 1 Goal (Direct Free Kicks outside the box by women do count as 2 goals).