BASL General League Rules 10-30-2016

Across All Divisions

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General Rules for BASL


  • Games are NOT to be shortened by a referee if the game starts with 15 minutes of list game time for 11 v 11 or 10 minutes for a 7v7 or 6v6 game.  If a game were to start 25 minutes late for a 11 v 11 game then 5 minutes a half can be shave off.  If there are exceptions to this the Field Marshall will notify both Team Captains and the Referee.
  • Rain Outs - If the game is shown to be played show up unless we cancel the game by website or phone notification.  Once there do NOT leave the field until the Field Marshall (FM) has has cancelled the game.  The referee does NOT have the authority to stop the game.  In addition, due to scheduling and other constraints games may be delayed until the weather clears instead of cancellation.  If the captains agree, they can decide to take a 0-0 tie instead of waiting to play the game.  If team(s) leave before the game is officially cancelled by the FM then it is considered an a forfeit.  If both teams leave it will be entered as a 0-0 tie.
  • Game Reschedule - If you do not get an email from the league than your game is on as scheduled.  Do not listen to the other captain or players.  You must have something in writing and the game must be rescheduled online.  Otherwise show up!
  • Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate. You must be 18 on game day!
  • No player will be allowed on the field without a valid  player pass(For 11 v 11 Games only).
  • Player must produce a picture ID for identification upon request.
  • Captains are responsible to make sure the players have a proper head shot in BASL roster. For small sided games if a picture is not in by playoffs the player will not be allowed to play.
  • Captains are responsible that each player has male/female marked and Date of Birth. If missing send DOB send an email to
  • Captains are responsible that each player has an email address so they can log in and pay.
  • Captains are responsible that each player has an address and zip code in the system as required.  
  • Captains are responsible that their players are showing on the roster. If a player is not showing up on the roster, you are risking a forfeit if you play the player. Contact the league at least 72 hours before the game with any concerns. 
  • Players may not play for two teams within the same conference or division.
  • No Player Transfers allowed - See
  • EXCEPTION - A Designated League Recruiter can play on multiple teams.  example League Recruiters are Bryan Meyer. (The purpose of this is to get new teams into the league, and the recruiter is to limit playing time as needed.
  • No player will be allowed on the field without a proper uniform. This uniform must include a shirt with a permanent number unique to that player and matching the number on the team roster no less than six (6) inches in height, shorts and socks that match in color with the rest of the team. Minor accents or stripes of different colors but no more than 10% of the total color will not be considered in violation. Goalkeepers are exempt from this rule. Field Marshalls with consultation of the referees can allow exemptions and common sense when needed.
  • Teams must have a set of alternate jerseys. Pennies are acceptable. Home team changes.
  • Each team is responsible for controlling their fans. Teams can be fined, points penalty, or have to pay for security to avoid being expelled from the league.
  • Unlimited Subs - Subs allowed on possession throw-in, any goal kick, kickoffs from midfield, and injuries.
    • if the team in possession of throw-in chooses to substitute the opposing team may also substitute
    • if an injured player(s) is substituted the opposing team may choose to substitute an equal number of players
  • No Drinking, Smoking or Cussing at the Park (including FANS).  Teams/players will be penalized including suspension from the league and subject to fines.
  • No Dogs allowed.
  • Captains are responsible for assigning numbers to their players.  Once assigned players should retain their numbers through the season.  Please make sure you assign numbers on the web page.
  • Captains are responsible for tracking goals and assists.
  • Registration of new players will be allowed up until the last regular season game.  New players may not be added for the playoffs.  For a player to be eligible to play in the playoffs he must have played one game during the season. No Exceptions!
  • Teams are required to remove their trash and help move the goals as needed.  Teams will be fined.
  • If you believe a illegal player is on the field you are to notify the Field Marshall and Referee.  If there is confusion than make sure that a picture of the player is taken so an investigation can take place.  If the player was illegal than the game will be a forfeit and further sanctions will take place. If you don’t provide evidence (photographic is best) then there is nothing we can do later.


  • Games should start promptly at the published game times. There is a fifteen (15) minute grace period before the game is abandoned. If one team does not have seven (7) players dressed and ON THE FIELD at fifteen (15) minutes after gametime that team shall forfeit the game. The team must maintain 7 players on the field. (For 11 v 11 games).
  • The team awarded the forfeit win shall receive 3 points in the standings and 3 points goal differential with a 3 - 0 score.
  • A team that forfeits their game loses two points in the standings and will be assessed a fine of $50. The league can waive this depending on notice and circumstances.
  • If a team gives notice to the league by going to the Captains Page and filling out the forfeit notification form.  and email/phone the other captain at least 48 hours before their game than the above penalties will not apply.  Captains information will be provided when filling out the form.
  • A team that forfeits two games in a season will have their case reviewed by the league to determine what further sanctions should happen. Possible sanctions include not being eligible for playoff games.
  • A game is considered complete once it has reached the half (Examples lights going out, rain, This also applies to issues in the Indoor facility, etc).  If a playoff game is tied and the game is called, before the next game, PK’s will be taken to decide who advances.