Player Registration

Summer 7 v 7

Players ~ You can pay online with the link at the right or click here.   Please select your division and then team (your captain's name will be next to your team).  $60 online or $70 at the field.

Within 24 hours your name should appear on the roster.  If it has not please email us at

It is also very imporant that you send your captain your Name/DOB/Sex/Picture in order to properly register you with the state (this also gives you insurance (see link on left for more information).

Captains ~ Please make sure at a minimum you are entering Name/DOB/Sex/Picture but the more the information the better.

Once we have two weeks in the books and know what teams are in for sure the season's schedule will be posted so you can plan accordingly! 

Jacksonville Captains if you have not filled out your field/time survey and want to pick your preference please do it ASAP!