BASL Disciplinary Rules

Effective December 1, 2016

It is the Captain's responsibility to ensure that players are serving suspensions even if the website is not updated. Have the ref or field marshal take note that your player is ineligible and sitting out that game.  A forfeit will be awarded and a point deduction will occur if playing with an ineligible player.


Yellow Cards

A player receiving two (2) yellow cards in a single game automatically results in a red card.  The player is ejected from the current game and MUST sit their next game for the team in which they received the red card.  

A player accumulating three (3) yellow cards in one season on a particular team MUST sit their next game for the team in which they received their 3rd yellow card or pay a $30 fine.

A player accumulating five (5) yellow cards in one season on a particular team MUST sit their next game for the team in which they received their 5th yellow card and is not eligible to pay the fine.

Once the regular season is over, all players enter the playoffs with a clean slate. However, a player that receives a third (3rd) or fifth (5th) yellow card in the last regular-season game MUST sit out their next game even if it is a playoff game.

Red Cards

A Player receiving a red card will be directed to leave the field facilities immediately.  Field Marshals are to escort players receiving red cards out of the facility without delay and directed not to return.  The game will commence when the Referee and Field Marshal feel that the player has left the facilities and is no longer going to be a distraction/threat to the continuance of the game.  If the Referee ends the game due to the disruption, the team receiving the red card that forced the early termination of the game will receive an automatic forfeit and potential additional league sanctions.

If a player receives two direct red cards in one season regardless of the division/teams where they receive them, they will be suspended for a minimum period of 5 weeks across all divisions.

Red Cards in the last game of the season will carry over to the next game, regardless of season or division. 

Once a player receives a red card their case will be reviewed. The carded player and their team captains must submit a red card report (within 24 hours) via the link provided to have their side of the story heard. 

Violent Conduct and Abusive Language

BASL Soccer strives to ensure a safe, fun soccer experience.  Violent Conduct or Abusive Language will NOT be tolerated.

Any player receiving a red card for violent conduct or abusive language will be issued a minimum 2-week suspension across all divisions. Further sanctions may be imposed at the discretion of the disciplinary committee. As a general rule, any player involved in a fight can expect to receive a 3-6 month suspension from all divisions.

Any team involved in Verbal or Physical Referee/Field Marshal Assault or a fight will be docked -3 points in the standings and placed on disciplinary probation for a year or a length of time deemed appropriate by BASL.

BASL reserves the right to issue suspensions to players, coaches, or fans involved in violent conduct, abusive language, instigation, or other similar incidents regardless of whether or not they were issued a red card by the referee.

Referee Assault

Referee or Field Marshal Assault – Out for one-year minimum. Spitting is considered assault. The league, referee, or field marshal may also choose to report the incident to law enforcement.

Appeals Process

A player receiving a red card MUST sit his next game (No appeals of Red Cards will be heard only the length of suspension beyond one game). If the website is not updated or is incorrect the responsibility is on the captain to make sure his player sits and it gets marked down on the roster.

All appeals should be directed to the BASL Board of Directors who may or may not choose to hear the case. A decision may be appealed within 14 days after being notified.  An appeal must be accompanied by the sum of One hundred twenty five dollars ($125.00), which shall be forfeited if the appeal is not upheld.  To make an appeal please send the written appeal to BASL Soccer, 701 Market Street, Suite 111 #139, St. Augustine, FL 32095 for $125.  In addition, please notify us by email at Once the written appeal and $125 is received, a hearing will be held by phone or in person. The decision will remain in force until after a hearing has taken place.


At the discretion of the disciplinary committee, some players may be required to apply for reinstatement if they wish to return to playing in BASL after serving their suspension. You will be notified whether reinstatement is required when you are notified of a suspension. If you are required to apply for reinstatement, the following procedure should be followed. You are NOT eligible to register and play until you have received written approval to do so.

  1. At the conclusion of suspension, email requesting to be reinstated. In this email, you should explain why you should be allowed to participate in BASL and what actions you have taken to improve your conduct. If necessary, we may request a virtual meeting to speak with you directly.

  2. The committee will review your request and determine reinstatement eligibility. Any player approved for reinstatement should expect to provide proof of taking a BASL approved Anger Management Course and agreeing to a long probationary period. Anger Management courses require a fee of $125 paid to BASL.

  3. Written Approval or Denial of Reinstatement issued to player via email.

Reducing Long Term Suspensions

Players receiving a suspension for multiple months/years, the player may opt to request to have a portion of their suspension deferred by completing a BASL approved anger management course after serving no less than one half of their suspension. Please note that cases involving referee assaults or unprovoked violence are considered on different criteria than other conduct and be advised that approval is less likely.

The following procedure should be followed:

  1. After serving half of the suspension, the player must contact the BASL Disciplinary Committee at to request this option.

  2. If approved, the player will be contacted and informed how to submit a $125.00 fee for registration into a BASL approved anger management course.

  3. Upon receipt of the fee, the committee will enroll the player in the appropriate anger management course and forward the player a link for the course.

  4. Upon completing the course, the player will forward the certificate of completion to the Disciplinary Committee and request reinstatement.

  5. They must then attend a hearing with the committee to discuss their reinstatement and the conditions of their playing and enforced probation period.

  6. After this is completed, BASL will reinstate the player and they may resume play in the league under the conditions agreed upon by them and the committee.


BASL Probation Guidelines

The "Probation" is a continuous period of time that the player's behavior will be monitored by BASL.

Probation will be issued at the discretion of the discipline committee to any player who has been deemed a risk to the safety or smooth operations of BASL sanctioned events. Players DO NOT need to be issued a red card to be placed on a probation period. Any player on probation is subject to the following terms:

  • A player accumulating three or more yellow cards in one season on a particular team while on probation will receive a mandatory 2-week suspension across all divisions.

  • A player receiving a red card while on probation will have their case reviewed by the BASL Disciplinary Committee. Recommended a minimum 1-month suspension.

  • Violent Conduct or Fighting while on probation will not be tolerated. Recommend a minimum one-year suspension.

  • Any action that is not disciplined by the referee can be recognized by BASL and put the case under review by the Disciplinary Committee for further sanction.