Grass Roots Soccer playing reality - During Covid

New policies and protocols around the "Covid Return to Play" mean adopting new game formats and utilizing modern technology as a communication platform. 

Pickup games offer the convenience that players are looking for by making it easier to join one-off games without committing to a league.  We are a soccer centric sports organization who understands these needs and is here to help you to operate your soccer events in a cashless, contactless, safe and streamlined way.

When we talk about "grass roots" soccer, this is the environment we are dealing with.  We recognize it, and are here to include these players as part of the greater our soccer playing community.

Does this sound something like you and your group of friends? 

We just go to Fantastic park every Tuesday and Thursday.  The kids get off the fields at around 8:30pm and we can usually get a "kickaround" going until the lights shut off at 9:45pm.  You just show up and you can hop onto the fields.  The guys have been doing it for the past 3 years.  They don't ask anyones permission, they just do it.  We got kicked off a couple of times a few seasons ago, so it died down but then it started back up again a month or two ago.  It's free, so we keep it amongst our friends who we like to play with, and we want to keep this good thing going as long as possible.  Just talk to Ricky or Johny they are typically there lacing up and streching out around 8:20pm on field fence line closest to the parking lot.