How to Register and Pay by Individual Team

Our software provider is transitioning us to different payment merchants and therefore we are using a slightly different payment method as we transition seasons.   If you are wanting to register a new player to your team for the 2022 Fall season, you will need to fill out the following registration and payment form (just click on the button).  The registration is fairly automatic but can take up to 24 hours, so you will need to keep your payment receipt as proof of payment for your playing authorization.


The following method can be followed for the Winter season until December 15th.  After that we will provide specific payment buttons.

Once your captain has added you to their team roster you can then pay to register yourself on that team. This Method is NOT for payment plan players.  Here are the instructions...

Ways to Pay:
  1. The preferred way to pay by credit card shown below.
  2. Your captain can pay for you online.
  3. Pay at the Field is NOT ALLOWED (You can pay at the Jax SportsPlex with Cash whenever we have games there)
  4. No Refunds Once a Player has played due to insurance and other reasons.


Please NOTE: if you are paying using your mobile phone, you will need to rotate your phone sideways.  The software system will present the credit card fields for you to enter when using Landscape Mode if using your smartphone!

Credit Card Instructions:


1. Go to your division on team pages (make sure are in the proper season), and select your team.  On your team page, there is a link called "Team Log In" on the top right-hand side of the screen.


2. Click on the team log-in link to the top right and the following screen will appear relating to your team.  If you do not yet have a PIN, Click on the retrieve PIN number, and a new PIN will be emailed to you.  The email in the system corresponds with the same email the league has on file with your player profile for the team.  When you retrieve your PIN, log back in.  (Make sure you use the email address your captain put in your player profile!).



3. Once logged in, you can click on the "modify" tab so that you can update your player information, and it must include address, city, state, email, phone, Date Of Birth, and upload your photo are all required for you to be able to play.

Make sure you have a DOB, phone, address, city, zip code, and your picture in before you make your payment.

4. Now you are ready to make payment for your season, click on the "make a payment" tab beside the "modify player info" tab.  This will take you through the new payment process.

5. There is a Waiver Statement that will first pop up.  You need to read this statement in its entirety, and you NEED to click the selection that you indeed did read the statement.  If you fail to click that you read the statement you will not be presented with the payment field information. So ensure you do this correctly. 

6. Credit Cards / Debit Cards also work.....fill in the required information.  Make sure you use the BILLING address of the credit card.  Click on the Submit Payment Button.


If you are paying using your smartphone, make sure to operate this next screen horizontally (sideways).  If you don't you will not be presented with the credit card number CVV and expiry fields to enter.

7. Wait for the Confirmation screen to appear, THIS IS IMPORTANT.  If you exit out at this point, you will not be approved onto the team as having paid.

8. confirmation email will be sent to your email, you should be shown as approved immediately if your payment went through.

If your name does not show up on the roster please take your email confirmation to the field with you.  However for 11 v 11 teams, if you were not part of the team's player pool with an online picture/pass you will not be allowed to play so contact your captain!

Seems like a few steps, but actually it is quite easy, so go for it,

(NOTE: if your log-in is still not recognizing your email it is because your team captain has not listed your player profile with the email address you are trying to use.....speak with your captain to get this done first)