Over 30 Schedule

Captains and Players,

Please note the first 7 games for each team has been posted.  As agreed in the captains meeting each team will play each other once in the division.  Then week 8 will be the 1 v 1, 2 v 2, etc for our 8th regular seeded game. (The 8th seed of the one division will play the 7th seed of the other division and the game will only count for the 8th seed, this will be a mid-week game)

With an odd amount of teams for the one division (We are hoping to get the software company to allow us to name the divisions) each team in that division will play one team twice.  Also the second game of Old Timers vs Goal Busters will only count for the Old Timers (April 22, 2008 Game).


After the 8 game regular season schedule everyone will have a minimum of 2 playoff games.

The Seeds will be 1v8,2v7,3v6,4v5(Opposite divisions).  One team will get a bye week 1 and there is not a 8th seed.

After week 1 of the playoffs, there will be a winner’s bracket and a losers bracket.  (They will not meet at the end).

Thus every team will get at least 10 games with many teams getting more, due to some extra games and going further in the playoffs.