Men's - Over 30 Division

Information on Men’s Over 30 division and why to choose to play in the BASL Over 30 Division.

The Men’s - Over 30 Division is made up of teams with players all over the age of 30.

Players must be 30 by the end of the year. Fall and Spring is full soccer with 11 v 11. We play smaller field 7 v 7 soccer during the Winter and Summer due to various constraints. 

Spring 2008

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Why should you choose to play in the BASL Over 30 division?
~ You are guaranteed to play at least 10 games!
~ Last season we had 11 regular season games as well as playoff games!
~ We pay for State Cup Ref Fees.
~ Captains play free!
~ More teams to play against than any other league!
~ Team Captains get to decide the division breakdown, rules etc. 
~ Fair Rules, all teams treated fairly!  Rules spelled out and voted on by the team captains!

Find out how your team is going to get the best referees at the Captains meeting!