Men's Open Schedule

Spring 2008 Schedule Posted.

Regular Season=9games
Each team plays every team in their division and one team from the opposite division.

Premier Playoffs
Top 6 Premier teams + 1st place teams of Division B (7th and 8th seeds)
Single Elimination
Be Prepared to play Sundays, or a Weeknight.

Promotion Tournament
Bottom 2 Premier teams(seeds 1 and 2) + second place "B" division teams(seeds 3 and 4)
The winner of this tournament will be promoted/retained in the Premier Division.

Everyone Else
Will get a 10th game
3 v 3,4v4,5v5,6v6,7v7,8v8,9v9

Next season
We are considering instead of two "B" divisons moving to a
Premier Division
1st Division
2nd Division
with relegation and promotion between Divisions.  Please email us with your thoughts.