NEWS Update: The League and Virus Pandemic

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, we are putting a pause to our soccer playing activities in the region for the next several weeks.

We realize that we were in the middle of completing winter season divisions, and starting up spring divisions.  This Virus Pandemic takes precedence over our personal desires to complete out a season or begin a new season.

The Corona Virus is a reality and we are following recommendations by local government officials, our member associations, and our medical industry contacts.

We are following this procedure:  

  • we will pause on all soccer playing activities until the local authorities indicate it is safe to conduct our soccer events. (Soccer is considered a contact sport)

  • right now our field providers continue to have the fields closed with any group related activities.

  • Payment plan players continue to have their monthly payment put on pause during this time.

  • We will continue encouraging teams and players to sign up to the league so that when we return to regular schedule all teams are full rostered and ready to play.

  • So not to confuse Players, the Team Schedules have been removed from the view of the Public and will be posted again pending the outcome of our next Virus Pandemic meeting.

We know that our player base supports this kind of action, for the safety of us all in our player community.

BASL will do everything on our part, that can help to prevent the spread of this virus, so that we can all get back onto the pitch and get back to playing the game we all love.


BASL Management