Men's Over 30 Registration

Fall Season Team Registration has begun!

To register your team please go here! Season begins August 19th!

Reasons to play in BASL.

1. Minimum of 10 games!

2. Captains decide the rules! (Captains meeting to take place in early August, so any rule/schedule changes can be implemented)

3. The best referees, we are implementing a few more improvements this season to improve our referees even more! (Find out how at the captains meeting or email us!) We are extremely pro-active in this including paying for new referees to take the referee course and having a training program for them! No we did not use all the same refs as others do.

4. You get to choose your home field and preference for playing time!

5. A league that works with your team and has access to many fields/times to help meet your teams needs!

6. Starting this season a Premier Division and First Division. 

5. Captains Play Free!