League Wide Email

Sent April 7th 2007

If you are not receiving email  Please tell your captain to add your email on your roster ID or let us know.  For full email click here.


Baymeadows/9A Great new park in a good location.  We have this park locked in year round now.  We are working with the city right now to come up with ways to improve the playing surface.  Excpect improvements!

7 v 7 Summer soccer to start after Memorial Day.  Registration to begin soon!

Men’s Open

Playoffs/10th game of season could start as early as April 27th.  Be prepared to play Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday starting that date. 

Forfeits - Remember if you do not give 48 hour notice your team will lose 2 points in the standings and a $50 fine.  Players are traveling to get to games and they want to play.  If you are not going to have enough players please notify the league!

Next season we are going to go to three skill based divisions.

1st Division (Top half of each B division)
2nd Division (Bottom half of each B division).

In the future each division will likely have a playoff.

Summer 7 v 7 soccer to start after memorial day.

Big game this Wednesday 

   Lightning F.C.   vs   Askel’s Rush at 8pm at Baymeadows/9A.  The winner of this game is likely to be one of the "B" division champions and play in the premier playoffs!

Men’s Over 30

Everyone should have 7 games in by April 27th (assuming no rainouts etc).  The 8th regular season game will be 1 v1 2 v2 etc between the divisions.   These games will start as early at Tuesday April 29th.  After that we will have playoffs.  Each team will get at least two playoff games.  Week 1 will be 1 v8, 2 v7 etc.  After that their will be a winner’s bracket and a losers bracket(does not get a second chance). This will give everyone at least 10 games with half the teams half the teams getting 11 or 12 games.

After April 27th teams need to be prepared to Play Tues/Wednesday and Sundays!

We also would like feedback on forming a "A" and "B" division or stay the way it is where the teams are intermixed.

Summer 7 v 7 soccer to start after memorial day.

Big Game this Sunday through a fluke in the schedule these two top teams will play each other again

   142       12:30 pm   GoalBusters   vs   FC Bosna   Chuck Rogers Park Field 1

Men’s Over 40

Playoffs are in full swing.  Please check the schedule as some game times had to be changed.  Every team will play the next two weeks unless the team notifies us they are not playing.  Each team responsed back to say they were playing this week.

April 23rd will be an open practice day for Over 40 teams with the new season starting April 30th!

Two big games this week!  Come out and watch these teams duke it out! This Wedneday at 6:30 pm!

  Semifinal       248       6:30 pm   Uncle Charlies - Over 40   vs   Rush   9A Baymeadows Regional Park Field 3

  250       6:30 pm   Antilleans   vs   Chester United   9A Baymeadows Regional Park Field

Men’s Over 50

Anyone interested in competing in Over-50
Tournaments please contact either Eric Haeseler 246-9029
or Jeff Dame 994-3900.