Jacksonville Indoor Soccer

Women's, COED, and Open Divisions

The format will be 6v6 (including goalies)

Players may only play on one team per division.

Open Divisions  (18 and over)    

Tuesday-Competitive Division

Monday and Thursday- Recreational Divisions

*You must finish #1 of the regular season recreational division to be invited into the competitive division on Tuesday nights.  The bottom 2 teams from each season in the Tuesday competitative division are relegated back to the recreational division. Both Monday and Thursday are recreational divisions and teams may choose which night they wish to play.  New teams must start in one of the recreation divisions.

COED Divisions  (18 and over)   


Women’s Division (16 and over) 


***Due to this indoor league being completely filled on all nights we are unable to reschedule any games.  The schedule is set as is.  Email info@basl.com for further info if need be.