Adult Soccer League and specialized Youth Soccer Programs

BASL Soccer

BASL Soccer is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by a group of individuals who wanted regional soccer to be played at the highest levels possible.  BASL is the number 1 amateur soccer league in all of Florida today and has grown to be able to manage more sanctioned games per year than any league.

BASL has also grown to work as a resource and administration partner to various Counties and Athletic Associations in developing community-based youth soccer programs.

(Jacksonville Soccer, Ponte Vedra Soccer, Orange Park Soccer, St. Augustine Soccer, Julington Creek Soccer, Palm Coast Soccer, Treasure Coast) We also offer youth indoor soccer and training at specific facilities.

7 Counties Served: Duval County, Clay County, St. Johns County, Flagler County, Martin County, Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County

Why should you be interested in playing in a BASL Soccer League? Simple, we offer the best value for your registration money.  We have been around for the past 31+ years and have a mindset of wanting to continuously improve ourselves.

BASL Soccer is the most progressive Adult Soccer League in the Nation, and here are a few points to consider to back this statement up:

  1. We are the only league in Florida offering continuous 4 seasons of league organized soccer
    • Indoor League - BASL regulated 6v6 and 5v5 adult rules
    • Outdoor League - full-sided 11v11, small-sided 7v7
    • Men’s, Women’s, Coed, Open, Over 30’s, Over 40’s, Corporate Challenge
  2. We provide US Soccer Federation sanctioned games through our affiliation with U.S.S.S.A. (United States Specialty Sports Association)
  3. We offer more divisions of both competitive and recreational team play than any other league in the state.
  4. BASL teams continue to evolve, blessed with fresh skilled players and innovative teams continuing to join season after season.
  5. We now schedule games across multiple counties at the same time...Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Flagler, Martin, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie and are structured to handle more.
  6. Our league is able to boast steady membership growth now as we enter our 31st year.
  7. We assign the best available referees supported by the State Referee Association using the nationally recognized Certified Grades levels.
  8. We utilize professional sports administrators who share our dedication to the sport of soccer
  9. We only partner with associations and technical business partners who too are dedicated to growing soccer.
  10. Our Board and Operations Management are award-winning business executives and past innovators of both Adult and Youth programs.
  11. We have a Board Of Directors and support an administration that is capable of getting things done fast and efficiently.  For example, we utilize automation for team score updates from field officials for all to see with ranking updates even before game reports have been filed manually.
  12. We partner with the business community with team building and offering their employees a "Corporate Challenge" league.
  13. BASL is the only league offering a Gold/Silver/Bronze Player payment plan, allowing players to take advantage of various soccer playing opportunities offered in our Leagues.
  14. We have earned prestigious awards from multiple Governing Bodies for our Administration.
    • 2013 Presidents award - by the Florida State Soccer Association for membership development and player services
    • 2017 Soccer Directors award - by the USA Specialty Sports Association, which manage over 4 million member athletes

All of the steps taken above have prepared BASL to be able to support continuous growth because our infrastructure capabilities are there....and continue to be in place.

On behalf of our management, welcome to the best run Adult Soccer League in Florida and amongst the best 3 in the Nation.