General Videos On How We Operate

  1. League General Rules of Play

  2. Teams Uniforms and Games

  3. Referee and League Staff

  4. Team Standings and Tie Breakers

  5. General 5v5 Soccer Rules

  6. General 7v7 Soccer Rules

  7. How We Handle Player Discipline

Player Related FAQ's

  •  How do I find a team to play on?
  •  How do I pay?
  •  When does the next season start?
  •  I have another question?
  •  What is the...

Captains Related FAQ's

  •  How do I register a new team?
  •  How do I request to reschedule a game?
  •  How do I update my teams schedule preferences?
  •  How do I get approved to play for free?
  •  What do I do if...

Monthly Payment Plan Players FAQ's


  • How do I get approved to play on small-sided teams if I am on a 12 month payment plan?
  • What is small-sided?
  • What if I get injured while on payment plan?
  • How to I initiate a monthly payment...