Payroll and Employment Information

Payroll and Employment Information

Field Marshalls are considered employees of BASL.

To apply to be a Field Marshall - Please fill out this form and attatch a resume.

In order to get paid you must:

  • Fill out a w4 form.
  • Send us your Birthdate in form below
  • Fill out direct deposit  form.  Make sure that you put Beaches Adult Soccer League in the first two lines (that is who you are authorizing to deposit the money into your account).
  • Fill out an I-9 form and have a BASL Employee sign and verify. We prefer that you use the fillable version. (i.e the first Link) also please review the instructions carefully.

Once you have done the above, please upload the files to this form !! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORK UNTIL WE GET ALL DOCUMENTS AND SIGNED I9 FORM (MUST BE SIGNED BY BASL Official)

When sending in your hours please list date, duties and hours you worked and explanations needed for non normal hours.

If all paperwork is complete and hours in by the cutoff properly, you should expect payment by Friday following the end of a pay period. Getting your hours in early may result in you getting paid earlier.

2019 PayPeriods (Hours due by Sunday at noon after the cutoff):

Use this form in order to be paid for 2019 Hours


NE Florida and Palm Coast 

SE Florida (Treasure Coast)

12/30/2018 Through 1/12/2019
1/13/2019 Through 1/26/2019
1/27/2019 Through 2/9/2019
2/10/2019 Through 2/23/2019
2/24/2019 Through 3/9/2019
3/10/2019 Through 3/23/2019
3/24/2019 Through 4/6/2019
4/7/2019 Through 4/20/2019
4/21/2019 Through 5/4/2019
5/5/2019 Through 5/18/2019
5/19/2019 Through 6/1/2019
6/2/2019 Through 6/15/2019
6/16/2019 Through 6/29/2019
6/30/2019 Through 7/13/2019
7/14/2019 Through 7/27/2019
7/28/2019 Through 8/10/2019
8/11/2019 Through 8/24/2019
8/25/2019 Through 9/7/2019
9/8/2019 Through 9/21/2019
9/22/2019 Through 10/5/2019
10/6/2019 Through 10/19/2019
10/20/2019 Through 11/2/2019
11/3/2019 Through 11/16/2019
11/17/2019 Through 11/30/2019
12/1/2019 Through 12/14/2019
12/15/2019 Through 12/28/2019