Game Reports

 How to print out Game Reports and Rosters

To Print the game rosters-

You must log-in as a field marshal.

Click the letter that the field you want to print the games from starts with. (ie) click "B" for Bruce Park

Click on each field to view the games scheduled to be played (ie) field 1, field 2, field 3, etc.

Check the box of the games you want to print.

Make sure that you select the word "Print" displayed within your screen.  Using this print will make sure all the games selected come out separated by each report.  If you choose any other print option like using your browser, then the games reports will come out continuously without a page break!

Tip: When there are two teams with really long names, the game # will get cut off.  You will need the game number if you are reporting by phone or on-line later.  You have two options, and the preferred option would be to print the game reports in landscape mode rather than portrait.  This will come up as an option during your print process and based on your own printer settings.  Printing in landscpe mode will print everything out without problem.



In addition to printing the game rosters above you also need to print out the Game Report form on the back of the game rosters (see link to the side)

This form will track the score, cards, injuries etc.

Please try to print the rosters on the back of the game report.

Do not wait until last minute.  Please print the night before or 24 hours in advance. (This way any late sign ups show up on your printed roster.

*If you have any problems or questions please reach out to the field marshal manager or email us at