Field Marshal Responsibilities

Updated 11/14/2014

Field Marshal Responsibilities


  • Print Game Rosters before games. (Print 11v11 Game Report & Player Galleries in color for 11v11 matches)
  • Players May Not be written on the roster (Exceptions: They are on the online roster OR Operations Manager or Board of Director approves it)
  • NO CASH/CHECKS Allowed at Fields.  If someone brings cash have them give it to someone with a smart phone and a credit card and they can sign up online.
  • Arive 30 minutes before the first game.
  • Place Corner Flags on field and pick them up. Use anchors to help keep the goals stable if need be.
  • If games are canceled at your field please update the hotline and have a fellow BASL admin update the weather box on the website and send out a mass email informing games are canceled. You may also be required to help contact team captains.
  • Players without proper pictures and birthdates are not allowed to play during playoffs and must show a valid ID to participate during regular season games. It is the Captain’s responsibility to have proper player gallery info online in a timely manner before the start of the season. NO PROPER PICTURE NO PLAY
  • Unlock goals and get the teams to move the goals in position so the games can start on time. Please do EVERYTHING in your power to get the games started on time. This includes checking in the teams yourself if need be if games are running behind schedule and referee is still reffing game. Have each team move the goals back and lock the them at the conclusion of games
  • Have a printed copy on hand of BASL rules, tiebreakers, FM responsibilities, FM contacts, Registration forms, and a smartphone on hand at all times when at fields.
  • For games make sure the fans are on the opposite side of the field as the players (11 v 11 only, other games at FM discretion).
  • Warn fans if they are disruptive and talk to the team’s captains to have fans warned/removed if warranted.  A team that does not comply with your directive will forfeit the game.
  • If lightning detector is going off, flashing, or in bad weather alert mode please do everything you can to keep EVERYONE off the field until the weather clears. (Refs nor FM’s have authority to cancel games due to weather.  That call is made by the Operations Manager or a BASL Board Member ONLY)
  • At the end of games – Get the roster and game reports back from the referee. Make sure that the ref’s names, cards, score, who is here and who is not as well as any other info are legible.  Get Ref’s addresses if the league does not have them or if they have recently changed mailing addresses.
  • Have the team captains sign the Game Reports!
  • Make sure the teams put back the goals/benches where they belong.
  • Lock the goals up and clean up after games after ALL players have left the field. (Leave the field in better condtion then before we arrived)
  • Teams are responsible for their garbage, fans, and behavior while at a BASL event.
  • Input game scores by calling them in/smartphone app immediately after each game concludes. 
  • Log in as Field Marshal and input refs, input yourself as 4th official, cards, and players who were in attendance and played in the game online. 
  • Fill out the FM report, Red Card report, etc. into the system within 24 hours. (Same day if possible)
  • Within 24 hours of the game drop off game rosters to the Operations Manager, Above Athletics, or scan/email to
  • BASL Board Members, Operations Manager, and/or Indoor Manager is your upper management. Please obey and follow what they ask of you in accordance with league rules.


  • Remember you are the face of the league while you are field marshaling. Please be our eyes and ears and help us in continued improvements : )
  • If you have any on field questions please see the Operations Manager for how to handle and what to do. He/She will be your direct contact for all BASL concerns.  You may be directed to another league representative depending on the scenario. ie ref assignor for ref questions or financial director for financial questions such as member approvals.   


Other Important Info:

BASL Weather Hotline: 904-395-5525 password is basl (2275) if field information needs to be updated.

BASL Call in Scores 1-866-334-6294 password is the season code (see operations manager for code)

*All other info can be found online. Be sure to check and be familar with the frequently asked questions section.


Buy a first aid kit and have on hand.  Turn in receipt to financial director in a timely manner to be reimbursed.