Field Marshal

Field Marshals are considered direct hire employees of BASL.  This is a great part-time position typically with spotted assignments during specific evenings during the week and/or weekend days.

To apply to be a Field Marshal - Please fill out this form and attach a resume.

BASL places what is termed a "Field Marshal" at every one of the public parks we host games at.  This person is responsible for a number of activities like promoting our soccer activities, preparing the paperwork for the games to be provided to referees and collecting officials paperwork and recording the game reporting results on-line.  Other administrative duties typically involve answering player questions concerning player registration and eligibility to play, providing BASL rules of game play, or even helping players know what field their games are on.  Reporting requirements continue through the day/evening events and concludes with post game reporting requirements to the website and league management.  This person is a direct communicator with referees questions, players questions on how to sign up, and BASL management.

Emphasis is placed on being on-time, having BASL soccer game knowledge, directing the location of the soccer playing environment at a complex, and being comfortable with on-line technology applications for our reporting forms/printing. 

We also require applicants to have reliable transport to and from fields.

Applicants must be personable and represent BASL services out at our public fields on event day.  Ability to speak multiple languages is of interest and it is imperative you enjoy working with diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

There is often the requirement to promote the taking of team pictures and present awards like t-shirts and trophies to teams that win their divisional play.

Our environment involves thousands of physically active individuals and you must enjoy the outdoors even during inclement weather.


BASL Management