Above Athletics Field Marshal Responsibilities



Opening Responsibilities 

1) Arrive 30 mins before the first scheduled game with printed paperwork in hand
Walk field and inspect netting /goals (repair netting with zip ties before game starts and make sure there are no gaps in the netting) 
4) Ensure no loose trash or debri is littered on the field (vacuum if needed)
5) Give Referee paperwork and ensure he/she follows the proper protocol for  checking in the players.  (paperwork should show who is playing and who is not, yellow/red cards, referees name, and final score)
6) All payemtns are online we DO NOT ACCEPT CASH.

During games responsibilities 
1) During game play FM is to assist the ref or league with any off field issues that are needed (gather player info/pictures, recruiting for other divisions, informing players of future playing opportunities within BASL, referee ratings, registering for future teams/divisions)
2) Ensure fans are behaving themselves in a respectable manner.  (No cursing, leaning on the boards, mocking the other team or ref, etc.)
3) Ensure no cleats are worn on the indoor turf.  Anybody stepping on the field should have only flats, tennis shoes, or indoor shoes.  *Turf shoes are ok but not recommended.
4) Call in scores after each game (via phone it in app or basl score hotline)
Closing Responsibilities 
1) Pick up any trash from on the field and any trash outside of where the players and fans stand. (water bottles, clothes tape,etc)
2) Make sure to set alarm 
3) Make sure doors are locked and key is put back
4) Any major repairs need to be written in your report (PVC, carpet,lighting.etc.) Indoor Operations manager will handle these repairs 
5)  Remember your FM report, Red Card reports, Player Payments need to be in before you leave the facility since we have internet at Above Athletics 
6) Before leaving all trash in the office needs to be picked up and thrown away, floor should be swept, paperwork should be neatly organized, and office should be locked.
7) Turn off lights while locking up

**Additional duties may be asked of you while working at Above Athletics by BASL Board or Operations Managers. Examples include but are not limited to:  Cleaning the office, restroomS, divvying up shirts, washing pennies, etc.