Division Manager Interest

BASL is always looking to get like-minded soccer individuals involved with our leauge.  Often is the case that a volunteer would like the chance to help form and manage a particular division.

We are wanting to provide an environment where you can easily reach out to us but might not know where to start.  We would like to suggest that helping to Manage a Division is a good first step at getting involved, or maybe you are interested in persuing a new division interest through BASL.

Let us know your interest by filling out the form by following the link below:


The BASL board reviews these documents as soon as you submit them.  When we see we have a need to improve our division management, we will reach out to you.


Always looking forward,


BASL Management.

Division Managers Responsibilites

  • Act as a Liason between Captains of the Division and the League (copy info@basl.com in on email).
  • Help recruit players and teams into the Division - Work with Bryan on getting new players into the league.
  • Add a House Team to your division if there is room for growth.  Put your name and/or Bryan as the Captain until a Captain can be recruited.  All new players can then be added to that team.  You do not have to play on that team.  Just help it get off the ground.
  • 14 days prior to start of season - Contact all Captains that don’t have a minimum number of players. 
    • If a division that only accepts say 8 teams.  Let the captains know that is the first 8 teams with the minimum number of players paid for (6 - Indoor, 7 - Outdoor Small Side, 11 - For Outdoor Full Side)
    • If division open to all teams let Captains know they need to have thier team set up and ready to go 7 days before start of season to guarentee a spot and that the late fee will then go into effect.
  • 7 days prior to start of season - Finalize the teams and call any lagging captains
  • Give guidance to the Scheduler of any specific needs for the Division.  (I.E - A tournament, the Women’s National team coming to town, Jags etc).
  • Let the scheduler know when Week 1 is ready to be scheduled. Use this form.
  • Let the scheduler know when the Entire season is ready to be scheduled.  Use this form.
  • At end of Regular Season - If possible, be there to award the trophy at first Playoff Game on behalf of the league.
  • Let the Scheduler know to do the playoff games.  Use this form.
  • Championship Game - If possible, be there to award the T-Shirts on behalf of the league.
  • At end of season - Find out which teams are coming back.  Inform info@basl.com and Bryan Meyer of Status.
  • Help with Player/Team Discipline for Division.

For more good inforation check out the Field Marshal Page.