Corporate Soccer Challenge

YOU ► Register your Company interest to enter a team into the Challenge (see linked buttons to right, or buttons below if browsing by phone)


BASL ► will create your Company's Team web page

BASL ►sends instructions to the Team Captain or Individual who is Managing your team

BASL ⇔ YOU will review outstanding Q&A including fields, dates, team requirements, and fees.

YOU ► Solicit interest among the company's employees

Suggest company internal mail, lunch-room sign-up sheets, discussion with HR, etc.

YOU ► Log-in to the team page and list up the employees interested in playing in the challenge

BASL ►communicates player authorization and team payment terms with the team manager

YOU ⇔ BASL will together communicate team employees authorized

BASL ► schedules game 1 week prior to the start date with authorized teams

BASL ► assigns referees, field permitting, game marshals, equipment, field lining

BASL ► produces authorized employee roster sheets for game reports. 


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