Who we are?

The Canadian Corporate Soccer League (CCSL) saw the day in 2006.  Born out of a convinction to bring our fundemental core values to the field, we built the league with our passion for the game and our desire to make a change in the community.


Our core values drive our league and our expansion: 


  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through the regular sport


  • Promote a team spirit on and off the field


  • Promote a positive networking environment


  • Promote the amateur game


By participating in a regular physical activity, you are encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and in turn leading by example to all future generations.  The most influential role model to a child is their parents, what better way to lead by example.


The CCSL played its first game, May 2007, on the grounds of Loyola Campus at Concordia University in Montreal.  First 11x11 game saw Standard Life FC play head-to-head against Desjardins FC.  The outcome of the game dictated the rest of the future of the league.

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