Game Reschedule Request

Captains Only

Game Reschedule Policy:

  • Game Reschedule form must be filled out at least 7 days in advance. Reschedule Request Form
  • Reschedule Fee of $103.20 must be made when submitting the request.
  • Only allowed in divisions where it is possible (i.e. where there is extra field space, multiple nights etc)
  • Must be agreed upon by the BASL SOCCER and both Captains at least 72 hours in advance in writing.

Once you have filled out the form it goes to the scheduler who will respond within 48 hours if there any options to reschedule the game. You have up to 72 hours before game time to reach agreement with the opposing captain and BASL SOCCER.   If you have not received confirmation from the league that your game has been rescheduled then you must go to your game.  If you have to forfeit the game notify the league and the opposing captain  via the forfeit notification form ASAP (Forfeit Notification Form) . If you do not notify the league of a forfeit you could be deducted points and fined. 

If we can not accommodate a reschedule, your fee will be refunded less the $3.20 processing cost.