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To register your team please fill out this survey to its entirety. You will receive a confirmation message and then allow up to 72 hours for your team page to be added. If you still do not see your team page after 72 hours, please email

STOP This is for Captains only!!!

These links are for CAPTAINS at signing up teams.  If you are a player, have the team captain sign up your team. 


Click on the links below to register your team for each division

If you are a PLAYER then you can review how to get onto a team and payment instructions by clicking: here

Please note:  We allow women to play in the Men's Divisions.  (Men's Division are the Open, Over25, Over30 Over 40)

Northeast Florida Outdoor 11v11 (Spring and Fall ONLY) 


Over 30

Please Note: We cannot schedule around 7v7 games and vise versa.


Northeast Florida Outdoor 7v7

Open - Sundays 

Open - Wednesday Evenings

Open - Thursday Evenings (Westside)

Over 30 - Sundays 

Over 40 - Wednesday Evenings

Coed - Sundays

Coed - Monday Evenings

Corporate - Tuesday Evenings 

Women - Sundays


Jacksonville Indoor 6v6 - Games Played at Jax Ice and Sportsplex

Open (Weekdays) - Monday/Tuesday

Corporate Challenge - Thursday

Open (Weekend) - Sunday Evenings

Coed - Friday Evenings

Womens - Wednesday Evenings

Over 30 - Friday Evenings


St Augustine Outdoor 7v7

Coed - Monday Evenings


St Johns 7v7

Open - Thursday Evenings (2018 Spring)


Palm Coast Outdoor 7v7

Open - Tuesday Evenings


Treasure Coast 7v7

Open 11v11 - Wednesday Evenings (Fall 2017/2018)


Stuart 7v7

Open - Sunday Mornings

Open - Monday Evenings

Over 30 - Sunday Mornings

Coed - Thursday Evenings


Ft Pierce



St Lucie County 7v7

Open 7v7 - Tuesday Evenings

Open 7v7 - Sunday Mornings

Coed 7v7 - Sunday Afternoons


West Palm Beach 7v7

Coed 7v7 - Sunday Afternoons 

Open 7v7 - Wednesday evenings 

Coed 7v7 Monday evenings
Over 30 7v7 - Thursday
Coed 7v7 - Tuesday


Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens

Open 7v7 - Sunday Evenings (Winter 2017/2018)

Open 11v11 - Sundays Evenings 

Open 11v11- Thursday Evenings



Open 7v7 - Thursday Evenings (early Winter 2017/2018)


Please note:  We allow women to play in the Men's Divisions.  (Men's Division are the Open, Over25, Over30 Over 40)

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